The Team

Rob Stewart

Position: Manager/Director
Favourite Movie: Interstellar
Favourite PC Game: GTA IV
Favourite Food: Lasagne
Least Favourite Food: Pumpkin
Interests/Hobbies: Cars/Motorsports, mountain biking, music, spending time with family.

Prior to starting with Computer Aid I was involved the Hospitality industry working at several restaurants/cafes in Hamilton.  I gained a liquor licence while working at Metropolis Caffe in Hamilton and became a Duty Manager there where I gained valuable experience in customer service, staff management and working well under pressure.  While at Metropolis I began studying towards a national business diploma with the intention to eventually complete a Bachelor of Business degree.  Before completing my diploma I was given the opportunity to work at Computer Aid as a junior technician which was a welcome change from the heavy hours I was doing working in hospitality while studying full time also.

My role at Computer Aid has evolved over the last few years eventually taking on the position of manager in 2010.  Wes and I took over as owners of the business in 2014 and are working hard to continue to grow and improve our already strong customer service and technical focus.

Wes Meyer

Position: Senior Technician/Director
Favourite Movie: Jurrasic Park
Favourite PC Game: Skyrim
Favourite Food: Lasagne
Least Favourite Food: Peas. Yuk!
Interests/Hobbies: Marine Reefkeeping, Bonsai, Gardening, DIY/Building things, watching DVD’s, going to the beach, tramping in the forests, music.

I studied for a degree in business administration focusing on IT systems management in South Africa, before immigrating to New Zealand in 2006. My position with Computer Aid has evolved over the years I have been with the company to my current position; overseeing our business/SME customers networks, servers and other infrastructure, and providing technical guidance for the rest of the team when required.

I pride myself on always taking a proactive approach to my client’s needs, ensuring their IT infrastructure serves their business needs and facilitates their success.

Andrew Gardiner

Position: Technician/Sales
Favourite TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Favourite Video Game: Halo
Favourite Food: Nachos
Least Favourite Food: Mushrooms
Interests/Hobbies: Motorsport focusing on specialised Japanese performance cars, Socialising with friends, music, comedy.

After leaving school in 2006 I worked for a NZ post shop in Christchurch as a bank teller and post shop cashier. This led me on to being a cashier at Harvey Norman in 2009. I was then given the opportunity to be the head On-Site technician. As I had a strong interest in computers and ICT it was a great to expand my knowledge of current technology and ways to implement it for both domestic and business environments. After the Christchurch earthquake my partner and I fled to Hamilton and I was lucky enough to get offered a position at Computer Aid.

Michael Stone

Position: Technician/Sales
Favourite Movie: The Matrix
Favourite Video Game: StarCraft 2
Favourite Food: Burgers and Chips
Least Favourite Food: Mushrooms
Interests/Hobbies: Coding video games and competing at GameJam. Cooking nice food and watching movies.

After graduating Wintec with a Bachelor of Information Technology, I was given the opportunity to work at Southwell School as a Technician.  Having worked within their IT department for three years I provided level 1-3 support to teachers and students and gained extensive experience implementing and maintaining a large multi-layered network.

I always look to challenge myself and improve my skills in IT and always keep up with the latest trends and technologies coming out. I enjoy testing my skills building small games for fun and competing with my friends at GameJam each year.  I pride myself on putting a high standard of work into every job I do and am always looking for ways to improve my skills.